Library Rules


Library Rules


Books will be lent to the members only against their ID cards. All Students are eligible to borrow 3 books against his /her ID card.

Borrowers are responsible for the loss or damage of the books borrowed the date slip and the number label should not be tampered with.

Every book will be examined when it is returned and if any book is found to be marked, soiled or damaged the borrower will be required to replace the book with a new copy or to pay double the cost of the book.

A student is entitled to keep a book for 2 weeks from the date of issue. Every book borrowed from the library should be returned on the due date marked (on the date slip) before 5.00 p.m. Books in demand by the students will not be reissued to the same member.

Books due on a holiday may be returned on the next working day. No fine will be levied in such cases.

However the students must return all the borrowed books before leaving for holidays.

Reference books, text books and copies of university examination question papers will not be lent out.

The librarian may recall any book at any time even if the normal period of loan has not expired if the book is in demand.

Students are prohibited from taking their private belongings with them inside the reading room.

The librarian may refuse to issue books to those who violate these rules.

No reading material will be removed from its place in the reading room without the knowledge of the librarian assistant.

Journals and magazines will not be lent out to students.

Members may suggest in writing to the librarian about the purchase of text books or reference books that are not available in the library or for which additional copies are required.