The SPSCOP is well-equipped with some of the most defined and technically modern laboratories so that the basic concepts are well understood by the students. The laboratories are specifically designed with excellent facilities to meet the requirements of P.C.I. New and advanced instruments are added to the laboratories each year thus keeping them self-contained with high end chemicals, instruments, equipments and glasswares.

Our major labs are Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical chemistry, Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Anatomy and more.


Pharmaceutics Laboratory:

The Laboratory mainly deals with the development of dosage forms and its evaluation. This laboratory has all basic and advanced facilities related to dosage form design and its basic evaluation. Our laboratory facilities enable students to understand all particulars of manufacturing of any dosage form. Pharmaceutics laboratory houses the basic instruments like, Roche Friabilator, Dissolution Testing Apparatus, liquid filling machine, ointment filling machine, Clarity Testing Apparatus etc.


Pharmacognosy Lab:

It mainly deals with natural medicinal products (Herbal Drug). Students learn about source, family, chemical constituents & uses, along with microscopy, isolation and identification of phytoconstituents.   It has all basic as well as modern equipments to support the highest level of research work. The laboratory for Pharmacognosy has very sophisticated microscopes, Colony Counter, Zone reader etc.


Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab:

In this lab, students learn about synthesis of pharmaceutical compounds, its re-crystallisation   (purification), identification and analysis. This laboratory is well equipped with fuming hood and safety measure equipments like, fire extinguisher installed. It is supported by instruments like Polarimeter, Refractometer, and Melting Point Apparatus, etc.


Pharmacology Lab:

Pharmacology involves experimental demonstration of various drug effects on different tissues & organs of different animals. Anatomical diagrams and models of important organs are displayed in this lab to facilitate the students understanding the importance of experimental pharmacology. Pharmacology lab has very sophisticated microscopes, student’s organ bath, Blood pressure, checking machine, permanent slides of different tissue and organs, etc.